Adding Additional People to Your Property on the Media Manager

Maximize your teamwork by collaborating with your colleague’s To give other people on your team access to your property on the media manager, stay on the overview page when you enter into the media manager and click on to open up the property users and permissions (See Screenshot Below)

Once you’ve clicked on the button, a box will pop up that will allow you to view the users who have access to the property, modify their permissions and add new users (see screenshot below) 

To modify the permissions of existing users that have access to the property, you will need to click on their name and then click/unclick the boxes that they need access to or if they need access to everything you can also click the top box above “active” and then after click If you’re done with what you need to do, you can click or continue on to the next step To add new users, you must scroll to the bottom of the box and click on On the add users page, you’ll be able to type in their email in the customer email field and then set the permissions for their account below (see screenshot below)

After filling out the user email and selecting which permissions to give them, click on the bottom of the pop up and the user will automatically be created

  • For further details on user permissions, check out our guide here: TBD

Congratulations you’ve just added a new member to your property

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