Smart Architecture

MainStreaming architecture is streamlined to optimize all resources while ensuring a high quality of service and a reduced power consumption.

Unlike existing CDN, which were born in the 90s to
distribute static content and “unburden” the often slow and overwhelmed
networks, MainStreaming EDGE distribution network has been created to ensure
the highest quality of experience while delivering live video at scale.

The focus is no longer on delivering traffic with a
best-effort approach but on ensuring the highest QoE.

MainStreaming architecture has lower overhead layers: it’s
faster, simpler, and has lower energy consumption.

It is based on a disruptive solution and designed to have
the best resource allocation to deliver live video at scale.

It’s streamlined and dedicated to video delivery: not all the bits and bytes going in a network have the same priority.


Our architecture is focused on live video

KPI driven

actual real-time orchestration based on KPIs. Power is nothing without control


designed to lower power consumption as much as possible


no overhead layers, intelligence is spread in all network nodes

Natively EDGE

created with the EDGE in mind to fully exploit the advantage of being close to the final users

Architecture is one of the keys to success


Deliver your content easily

Fewer hardware levels mean a simpler, faster path to the final viewer. In addition, less traffic flows inside third parties networks are easier to manage.


Go green

We are all aware of the costs of power consumption and the importance of committing to a better, healthier world. This is why the core of our architecture: designed to be sharp and not waste power.


Be closer to your Customer

Yes, MainStreaming's goal is not only to offload the network but to deliver live video at the highest quality.


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