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Ultra Fast Encoding

In today’s changing media industry, broadcasters and content owners need to publish as fast as possible. For this reason, the workflow has to be simple and flexible while the encoding process has to be able to cover a wide range of formats and bitrates.  This enables your audience to watch videos on all devices and under any condition.

Our Ultra-Fast Encoding decreases the amount of time it takes to make content available for audiences across any device. After encoding the file, our system, through our AI-powered Technology, efficiently sends out packets to multiple locations where they are encoded and then brought back together to generate the complete video.

This process optimizes the time needed to transform content from live to VoD and is essential for streaming workflows that need quick turnaround times for content availability. With a full REST API integration available, our solution can be integrated into your workflow or accessed through our platform interface.

Powered by AI Technology and Advanced parallel computing, our encoder reduces the turnaround time on content availability, making your video instantly accessible to your audience across any device and in any format.

See how we can transform your encoding

Any Format

Our encoding technology is compatible with all formats and protocols for on-demand content such as HLS, MPEG-DASH, WebRTC and HSS.

Adaptive Bitrate

Our Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming enables every viewer to watch videos with their device and at the best connection speed available.

Simplified Repacketization

We offer intelligent repacketization and progressive download that allow you to encode your content faster than ever before.

Full Rest API Integration

You can utilize our encoder or integrate it within your platform to immediately start encoding videos seamlessly.

High-Performance Computing

Ultra-fast On-Demand Encoding

Full Rest API Integration

Multi-bitrate Encoding

Improve your video on demand capability

Deliver your Content Quickly

We enable you to accelerate your workflow process and to have the shortest publication time, keeping your audience engaged with your content.

Choose the Fastest Platform on the Market

Our Ultra Fast Encoding is faster than other distribution services, thanks to our iMDP encoding methods that enable a quick turnaround time.

Speed Up and Improve Service Integration

We provide a variety of APIs to create dynamic services that can be quickly integrated into our platform.

Minimize Complexity

Our AI-powered Technology can reduce the complexity of the encoding task compared to traditional solutions, enabling you to achieve the highest quality at the lowest bitrates.

For further details download the datasheet