Set up Live Source

Before you can use your live stream, you must first designate a stream source.

  • Click on Sources in the list on the left-hand
  • Click on button on the top left menu next to the word Sources
  • When you click the button, you will open to this window below: 


    • Then, select a “Source Type”, Add a “Source Name” and Select a “Authentication Type”
    • MainStreaming ingests via RTMP as default & is the most common “Source Type”, but we do offer other option for “Source Type”
  • Once you have filled the necessary fields, click the “Add” button on the lower right corner of the window:

  • Once you have created the Source, you will notice it as an option on the left side column
  • Click on the source and it will open up to the following window:

  • The live details screen will now show a live ingest point (URL) for you to point your encoder.
  • You may now start pushing your live stream to MainStreaming.

Any questions?

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