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We Created a New “GREENER” Way to Stream Videos

We promote a sustainable approach for business content distribution by implementing an eco-friendly design in our solutions, for a minimal environmental impact.

Our intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP) minimizes its carbon footprint by providing more efficient network resource utilization.

The iMDP uses a scalable approach that optimizes its hardware and that makes it last longer.

What Makes our iMDP an Eco-Friendly Technology?

AI Technology

Its intelligent nodes can learn viewers’ behavior and make real-time decisions

Adaptive Delivery Path

It chooses the most efficient path to provide the viewers the best Quality of Experience

Minimize Energy Consumption

It consumes up to 60% less electricity compared to traditional content delivery networks

We Support our Clients in Their Sustainability Goals

Our innovative design, along with its artificial intelligence and cloud computing,has leveraged innovation in data transmission and analytics.

We Implemented Daily Sustainability

We aim at being an eco-friendly company by implementing a number of innovations.