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You can trim the original VOD as many times as you like.
It is not possible to trim again an already trimmed version of the original VOD.

You can have two Properties opened at the same time if you are using two different browsers.
Never open different Properties in the same browser.

Only some browsers give you the opportunity to automatically start your content and only if they are set up to start on mute.

For those reasons, you need to enable both Autoplay and Start Mute for iFrame or JavaScript, depending on what you use, in the Embed tab of your content.

You will always find the recordings in the Library root.

The keyframe should be passed at every GOP interval.
If you are using 25fps (recommended), the GOP should be a multiple of 25 – from 1 to 8 keyframes
From our Source control panel on Media Manager you can see the three pre-set settings, clicking on them you’ll notice the RTMP string changing:

DEFAULT (rtmp://bc.msmdn.net/event/…): recommended setting = keyframe 3 or GOP 75
LOW DELAY (rtmp://bc.msmdn.net/eventll/…): recommended setting = keyframe 1 or GOP 25
HIGH BUFFER (rtmp://bc.msmdn.net/eventhb/…): recommended setting = keyframe 6 or GOP 150

In this way the keyframe/GOP will match with the chunks length so the streaming will be optimized for the bandwidth, obtaining a better quality with the same bitrate.

Our platform supports:
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

To ensure the best User Experience, our platform is accessible by desktop browsers only.

Our technical architecture is made up of our HyperNodes & edge servers owned and operated by us that are hosted in specific datacenters geographically distributed globally, while being interconnected with over 4,500 ISPs and Telco’s to directly optimize and increase our delivery efficiency.

A service continuity process is in place. If a node goes down, backup servers are available to make sure the content remains available and protected. All system security is fully compliant with ISO 27001 and in the process of being certified.

Data is secured platform-wide and in regards to streaming content we have tokenization, Geofencing, IP Blocking, Domain Blocking and encryption if needed. All system security is fully compliant with ISO 27001 and in the process of being certified.

We provide support in 3 tiers, in Italian and English:

Regular – 9:00am to 6:00pm CET (Monday to Friday)
Extended – 9:00am to 12:00pm CET
24/7 support

Support can be engaged by phone, email and opening tickets here

Our uptime has been 100%.
We haven’t had an outage so far.

We do have the ability to provide custom logs, however, everything is tracked in our Analytics section on Media Manager, like: CDN, Origin, Edge, Content views/traffic and Unique Users.

Please check our Analytics guides for further info.

The video resolution depends on what is ingested into the platform.

Video Resolutions for Live range from 1080p with 3.7Mbps to 240 SD with .34 Mbps.

The delivery time ranges upon 3 choices:

Default – 20 to 30 seconds
Low Delay – 7 seconds
High Buffer – 50 seconds

Yes, our platform gives you the opportunity to restream your events on every social network that accept RTMP.

Yes, you can change the global duration in the tab API from the Property Settings pane.
Check here for our API Generation guide.

A purge is done to clear the Cache of the CDN to make room for the substitutive Origin contents (Push/Pull).
A Purge is used to clean, usually used because a file is being replaced and when the old content is needed to be replaced with the new. Then the Purge is performed to make the next user requesting that content receive the new content because the cache is updated.
To PURGE a content on the CDN you need to execute this HTTP call:

Method: POST

Endpoint: https://api.msmdn.net/v2/cdn/purge/url
Header: – Content-Type: “application/json” – Authorization: “Bearer {Token}”
QueryString Param: url

Example of the HTTP Call:

curl –location –request POST “https://api.msmdn.net/v2/cdn/purge/url?url={url}” \
–header “Content-Type: application/json”
–header “Authorization: Bearer {Token}”

NOTE: The URLs that need to be purged can be as many as you want but they have to be in the body of the of the HTTP call

It is possible to execute the Purge from the Origin Push/Pull detail in Media Manager as well, in the Purge Cache section?

You can obtain your poster going to the following link:


HOSTNAME: You can find it in any “embed” section of one of your content detail on Media Manager
PICTUREPROFILE (char): image processor profile settings, this field is required

example: /image/{CONTENTID}/{#THUMB}?pictureprofile=S

COMPRESSION (int): output quality, 0-100 (default 85), this field will override the pictureprofile setting

example: /image/{CONTENTID}/{#THUMB}?pictureprofile=S&compression=100

FORMAT (string): output format, JPG,JPEG,PNG,WebP, this field will override the pictureprofile setting

example: /image/{CONTENTID}/{#THUMB}?pictureprofile=S&format=PNG

You can obtain your thumbnails going to the following link:

https://webtools-{yourHostName}/image/{contentID}/{1 to 30}?size=L&compression=85&format=JPEG

HOSTNAME: You can find it in any “embed” section of one of your content detail on Media Manager
SIZE(char): output size, S (h=120px) – M (h=250px) – L (original size), example: /image/{CONTENTID}/{#THUMB}?size=S
COMPRESSION(int): output quality, 0-100 (default 85), example: /image/{CONTENTID}/{#THUMB}?compression=100
FORMAT(string): output format, JPG,JPEG,PNG,WebP, example: /image/{CONTENTID}/{#THUMB}?format=PNG

To get the source content link we need to call the following API depending on the content type:

VOD: Get Single On-Demand Content | https://api.msmdn.net/v2/mam/ondemand/{{contentID}}
LIVE: Get Live Event | https://api.msmdn.net/v2/mam/live/event/{{contentID}}
PLAYLIST: Get Playlist | https://api.msmdn.net/v2/mam/playlist/{{contentID}}

Every API has its own JSON section called embedUrlList which is an array set up as following:

“embedUrlList”: [
“hostName”: “xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net”,
“configuration”: 2,
“http”: {
“abr”: {
“hls”: “http://xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net/vod/9WhaOfkSyXXX/playlist.m3u8”,
“hss”: “http://xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net/vod/9WhaOfkSyXXX/Manifest”,
“dash”: “http://xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net/vod/9WhaOfkSyXXX/manifest.mpd”
“source”: {
“hls”: “http://xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net/vod/9WhaOfkSyXXX/original/playlist.m3u8”,
“hss”: “http://xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net/vod/9WhaOfkSyXXX/original/Manifest”,
“dash”: “http://xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net/vod/9WhaOfkSyXXX/original/manifest.mpd”,
“progressive”: “http://xxxc2c7ab7454xxxxxxa99aa0282exxx.msvdn.net/vod/9WhaOfkSyXXX/original.mp4”

You can use the most common image format available with any resolution. The image processor will adapt it to the size and format requested through the picture profile and/or the image processor query string parameters.

Image processor guide

Yes, our platform gives you the opportunity to restream your events on every social network that accept RTMP.


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