Hybrid network

We deliver online and on demand videos at the best quality thanks to our intelligent network, that supports any type of service and business model, regardless of the size of the company or its business maturity.

Our iMDP Hybrid Network is a mix of public and private network solutions, interconnected with over 4,300 Internet Service Providers. With this hybrid option, you can add dedicated locations where you need more capacity to serve large audiences. The Hybrid Network option maximizes quality, bandwidth, scalability and network redundancy.

Does our iMDP Hybrid Network work for you?



Do you need a flexible, scalable solution that supports your steaming during peak time and reduces costs while maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI)?


Delivery solution

We provide a mix of dedicated capacity for the most important regions with high viewing rates, and shared nodes in regions with less traffic or temporary locations, optimizing your investment.


Business model

A customized model that includes the main benefits of a private network and a public delivery network.


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