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« We are working behind some of the biggest live streaming operations, firmly managing many deep EDGE delivery networks.  Providing a superior quality of service and the greatest return on investment, MainStreaming EDGE network optimizes live and on demand viewing experience like never before»

Antonio G. Corrado
CEO & Founder


Designed for Right owners or broadcaster, building their D2C infrastructure. Broadcast-grade and at scale


Serving millions of customer simultaneously with video live contents, while optimizing unnecessary network traffic

Digital disruptors

Born digital with their needs to serve properly the customers with video streaming while growing their businesses

Discover how we have improved the DAZN viewing experience

Trusted by the top companies

Our uniqueness


Streamlined to optimize all resources while ensuring a high quality of service and a reduced power consumption


To ensure quality of the delivery, through Smart algorithms, Big Data Analysis and a continuous monitoring of QoE and Network conditions

Edge Distribution

Our EDGE Services and our interconnected network, within ISP premises, are designed to be closer to the end users

Latest Publications

The 3-pronged approach we strongly suggest broadcasters follow

June 30, 2024:
For Broadcasters, there are some significant concerns ahead. To protect against adverse business impacts, Broadcasters must guarantee flawless content delivery to protect Viewer QoE. The global streaming pioneers invested heavily in new technology and business models to build their market-leading services, and they have best-in-class QoE.

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