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We are specialized in delivering videos at the best quality through our intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP), which supports any type of service and business model, regardless of the size of the company or its business maturity.

Our intelligent Media Delivery Platform includes a Private Network option, that deploys dedicated capacity within ISP infrastructures or through peering, taking into consideration your viewers’ locations. With this option, you will have an agile and scalable dedicated network, that guarantees online video connectivity and security.

Does our iMDP Private Network work for you?


Do you need to manage high-volume of streaming traffic, to have full control over the entire delivery process and to optimize investments?


Our iMDP Private Network solution fits your needs and allows you to plan your delivery network growth, according to your business needs. We deploy dedicated nodes within selected ISPs and/or through peering, covering specific regions/ISPs, based on your content distribution.


We provide equipment, technology, full-service management and cloud tools.