A well-thought-out online video strategy can bring noticeable advantages to your corporate communications, optimizing processes, team building dynamics and communication within the company. Moreover, an online video strategy allows you to strengthen the relationship with your customers and partners.


Empower The Value of Your Communication by Implementing an Online Video Strategy

Finance and insurance

Finance and Insurance
Engage with your internal teams by sharing news in real-time.

Business services

Accelerate your digital transformation and benefit from online video marketing strategies.


Boost your online programs and enrich virtual learning through interactive online video.

E-sports and gaming

Bring the future closer! Cloud gaming requires the best CDN to ensure QoE to the gamers.

Improve your video on demand capability



Stream enterprise events, like meetings, town-halls, or international conferences, using our iMDP to provide your audience with the best quality of experience.


Real-time, live and VOD experiences

Efficiently combine live and on-demand video to increase student engagement and rapidly innovate your comprehensive e-learning platform.


Finally get
full control

Gain control of the streaming workflow, broadcast your content flexibly according to your needs, and set up a new business model that is financially sustainable.


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