Smart Origin

In situations where numerous viewers start a stream simultaneously, it’s crucial to prevent your origin from collapsing under the peak of requests. Our Smart Origin effectively prevents congestion, monitors stability, and enhances stream efficiency in real-time, safeguarding your origin.

Optimize your workflow and maintain delivery stability over our AI Media Delivery network or in a Multi-CDN Environment. Our AI requests content once from our Smart Origin and intelligently distributes it to our servers or other CDNs, eliminating congestion at the client origin and ensuring successful client response.


We can help you overcome bandwidth and latency issues


Utilize AI-powered Smart Origin for automatic network scaling. When server capacity peaks, another activates, handling content distribution seamlessly.


Harness our proprietary AI technology, managing every aspect of the delivery workflow for requests made by servers throughout the network.


Our AI-driven architecture optimizes content paths, reducing risks of overflow, delay, and disruption in comparison to traditional content delivery networks.


With dedicated capacity and AI technology, consistently monitor network performance, predicting and preventing congestion by dynamically distributing content.

Deliver an amazing experience with smooth and continuous playback


Effortlessly Get
Full Control

Our AI-powered Technology consistently monitors every aspect of the network, from the origin, and available servers in different locations, to the delivery path taken, to ensure a seamless delivery.


Improve Streaming Performance

Efficiently deliver high-quality content faster and in fewer hops. We offer the perfect solution to stream live, with the lowest latency on the market, preventing stream buffers issues.


Reduce Costs

As fewer requests are directly sent to your origin, less processing is required. Consequently, costs related to distributing content over multiple networks will decrease.


We can help you overcome bandwidth and latency issues

Broadcasters & OTT TVs

Online Media & Publishers

& Gaming

& ISPs

Our iMDP is consistently monitoring its network and servers, making sure it handles all requests for content seamlessly. If it senses congestion, it dynamically delivers the content to the server requesting it through a different route.


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