AI Media Delivery

Online streaming has a significant impact on distribution networks since it has to meet some challenging requirements such as scalability, quality and reliability. Moreover, all these issues have to be managed at the lowest cost possible.

Our AI Media Delivery increases distribution reliability, lowers latency and prevents congestion, guaranteeing the highest quality of experience for viewers.

It is based on technological infrastructures and global ownership networks conceived exclusively for distributing video in real-time. It also ensures a flexible service that easily adapts to any business.


We can empower your content delivery

Several Delivery

Our high performance private network, of over 4300 ISP interconnections, can be used as a global private network, a dedicated private network, or as a hybrid combination of a global and dedicated network.

Content Security

Our AI Media Delivery is designed to protect your content from unauthorized access, viewing and devices.


You can serve a larger audience by transcoding, repacketizing, and delivering your content to any device rapidly.

API Library

We provide an API library that allows you to create dynamic and easily integrable services.

Discover how to deliver your content when and where you need to​


Custom configuration

We improve your media delivery service by implementing our AI-powered Technology where it needs to support a larger audience, guaranteeing the best quality of experience. Our enterprise services provide better quality and overcome the limitations of a public CDN.


Optimize your Streaming Delivery

Our iMDP chooses the best path to stream your content seamlessly, to any device and at the highest quality. Give your viewers and listeners the streaming experience they are looking for, regardless of the audience size.


Increase Security

Introduce some precautions, such as content transmission over encrypted connections, IP and Geo blocking. This makes it much harder for anyone to “listen in” to the video and infringe copyright policy.


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