The power of partnership


Atex is a leading provider of content management and advertising systems for the global media industry. We develop smart digital solutions that make a measurable difference and enable our customers to streamline operations and optimize their digital strategy. As a global organisation, we are committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalized and available on demand.


Comintech, an Italian company, specializes in sports content production, management, and distribution, particularly football. Focusing on content optimization, this independent organization controls the entire production and distribution process to maximize customer value. Comintech is dedicated to promoting the excitement of Italian football.


D-Share provides digital projects, industrial-strength software solutions and specialized services to news organizations, publishers, broadcasters, news agencies with a deep specialisation in the media industry. Thanks to its strong, vertical expertise, D-Share solutions are specifically developed for creating, distributing and monetizing digital content. Our next generation technologies are used by thousands of editors, in more than 100 organizations in 7 countries..

Fincons group

Fincons Group, an award-winning IT business consultancy, provides a broad range of services and solutions to a diverse range of industries. In the Media sector, the Group has long term and successful relationships with Tier-1 clients, providing solutions and ICT services covering the entire Digital Supply Chain, from Rights Management, Programming and Scheduling, to Advertising Sales and Omnichannel Video Delivery.


Globecast simplifies global broadcasting by offering content distribution and management. As part of the Orange group, Globecast delivers tailored solutions for channels, media management, playout, and worldwide content delivery via fibre, satellite, and IP. With a content aggregation team, capacity on major broadcast satellites, and facilities in key media hubs, Globecast helps secure distribution on leading pay-TV platforms. Present across Europe, Americas, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia, Globecast offers simplicity and flexibility for leading broadcasters.


Harmonic, the worldwide leader in video delivery solutions, enables media companies and service providers to deliver ultra-high-quality video streaming and broadcast services to consumers globally. Simplifying OTT video delivery via innovative cloud and software platforms Harmonic is changing the way media companies and service providers monetize live and on-demand content on every screen.


Irdeto, a global leader in digital platform security, protects platforms and applications across various industries. With over 50 years of expertise, Irdeto’s software security and cyberservices safeguard six billion devices for well-known brands. Their diverse team drives innovation, ensuring an inclusive workplace. As a reliable partner with a strong security heritage, Irdeto helps build a secure future where connectivity can be embraced without fear.


KevlinX develops a pan-European platform of high-performance, Tier III Data Center campuses in major European growth markets. Designed for large-scale enterprise, government, and cloud companies, these facilities offer flexible colocation or dedicated wholesale space with top-notch redundancy, security, and energy efficiency.


Kineton, founded in Naples in 2017, is an engineering company providing state-of-the-art services. As a leader in its field, Kineton specializes in automotive, media, telecommunications, and entertainment sectors. Collaborating with innovative European companies, it manages projects from its Naples and Turin labs, transforming ideas into successful ventures, setting goals, strategizing, and finding innovative solutions. Kineton is a one-stop-shop for high technology needs.


Radicalbit is a leading Italian deep tech company with a strong focus on developing innovative products and cutting-edge solutions for real-time streaming data analysis, combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Their expertise enables them to create highly specialized tools that help businesses harness the potential of data, allowing them to make better, data-driven decisions and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


THEO Technologies specializes in offering products and solutions for global online media companies and enterprises to deliver an outstanding video playback experience on any device or platform. With feature-rich player SDKs and numerous pre-integrations, their flagship product, THEOplayer, is a leading commercial video player used by major media companies like CNN, NBC, Verizon Media, and BT Sport to stream billions of videos monthly.


Viaccess-Orca, a global provider of OTT and TV platforms, offers content protection and advanced data solutions for personalized TV experiences. With 20+ years of expertise, they deliver modular solutions for content handling and monetization. Part of the Orange Group, their solutions serve over 27 million subscribers in 35+ countries, creating smarter, safer TV and OTT experiences.