One of the keys to our unique solution is the software layer.

Streaming at scale is a matter of hardware capacity, but more is needed. MainStreaming’s software was developed to distribute online videos to the largest audiences.  Our software streams files from one Edge server to another in the network without additional latency or disrupting the users’ viewing experience.  Content is requested only once from the Origin and the result is a set of widely distributed autonomous Edge nodes, scalable to any number, that have access to the same content.

Moreover, MainStreaming software solution was designed to give equal importance to streaming delivery and monitoring. Because monitoring millions of sessions and streams in real-time is not easy, the software and hardware architecture must be designed specifically to achieve this goal. Therefore, MainStreaming prepared itself thoroughly for a future of broadcast-grade online delivery by developing streaming monitoring from the beginning.

3 essential features in our software layer


Smart origin

A solution developed to get the best video quality from the Origin server. The content is requested only once from the Origin servers, avoiding rebuffering and streaming errors while protecting the Origin from overload and minimizing network traffic.


AI Orchestrator

A unique solution that identifies the best streaming network path based on KPI feedback loops. Advanced viewers' location detections and the ability to coordinate all streaming resources on the fly result in a high-quality connection for viewers that are directed to the best and closest deep EDGE server, thus granting broadcast-grade QoE.


EDGE Resources manager

It virtually manages the overall capacity of each EDGE server. Each virtual set of flows can be customized according to the client's traffic distribution, content/cache allocation, computational power, priorities, and power consumption rules.


Get to know our network

QoE management

Continuous monitoring of all the KPIs and feedback loops to act on network configuration.


Priority is given to the final viewer viewing experience, not to content caching.


Our Delivery Network is defined by our software, which ensures video content is delivered at broadcast grade.

Location based

traffic is managed considering the viewers' location, closing the gap between the content and the viewers.

Everything under control


No bottlenecks

delivering live-streaming events is far from easy. It’s not just because of the complexity of the hardware or network topography, or the possible backhauling bottlenecks. It’s the video flow that needs to be timely.


Controlled end to end

not just with off the records monitoring, but with a solution that use feedbacks data to deliver through the best path ensuring the final viewers with the highest quality of experience.



MainStreaming's solution is a breakthrough in the CDN market as it focuses on live video events at scale.


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