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Our intelligent Media Delivery Platform  (iMDP) can easily support any type of service and business model, regardless of the size of the company or its business maturity.

Our Public Network is an all-inclusive media delivery service specifically designed for low-volume or peak distribution needs. It gives you complete governance over the streaming workflow.

Our iMDP has a global private network backbone of over 4500+ interconnections with ISPs worldwide, which enhance our streaming capabilities and directly lower latency, making it the perfect solution for regional and global companies who stream content digitally.

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Do you need to increase the Quality of Experience of your viewers without the related investments and management costs?


Delivery Solution

Our Public Network meets your needs, controls video delivery capacity, and enhances audience QoE with dedicated infrastructure and bandwidth.


Business Model

We provide reliable, guaranteed, and dedicated bandwidth to suit your requirements, ensuring optimal performance whenever you need it.


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