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Adopt a Technology Designed for Video to Perform Better

We are aware of the challenges you face when processing large amounts of videos using a generic delivery solution. These solutions lead to poor governance over the process and to the risk of congestion during peak time.

Our intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP) takes into consideration customers’ locations, allowing your services to perform better. Moreover, our AI engine eliminates redundant elements in the distribution architecture, optimizes the coding process and ensures a low CPU footprint.

Why choose us

Internet Service Providers

Leverage our intelligent solution to optimize your video traffic, reduce costs and improve the quality of experience for your customers.

Carriers and Mobile Operators

Stream a large number of videos seamlessly every day, while ensuring your customers have a great viewing experience worldwide.

Data Centers

Gain full governance over the delivery process and optimize your infrastructure, providing your customers with a higher Quality of Service.

Designed for your business needs!


  • Improve delivery efficiency and your customer satisfaction with our intelligent Media Delivery Platform powered by its AI-Engine, simplifying your operations and maximizing the value of your service.


  • Provide your customers with high-performance video streaming and guarantee high quality of service that enhances the viewing experience. Our iMDP is designed specifically for a flawless video streaming service.


  • Minimize your hosting cost and implement a scalable and sustainable model by choosing a low consumption and high-density technology.