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Connecting With Your Audience Has Never Been Easier

Online video streaming has been gaining popularity and media and entertainment companies need to deliver more and more live and on demand content in real time to high number of concurrent viewers, providing them with a broadcast-like Quality of Experience (QoE).

The media industry is struggling with traditional content delivery services that were not built for video delivery, and for this reason needs to adopt a new paradigm for video distribution, that guarantees the Quality of Service (QoS).

Discover how to overcome these issues with our intelligent Media Delivery Platform, specifically designed for video streaming.

Why choose us

Broadcasters and OTT TV

Engage your audience on any device with our powerful network.

Online Media

Boost your audience experience and keep them engaged around the clock.

eSports and Gaming

Keep your users engaged and unlock the power of your stream.

Designed for your business needs


    • Guarantee the performance of your content and high quality of experience to your audience.
    • Let your viewers be your best supporters.
    • Deliver quality streaming and reach every connected device with the right technology.
    • Broaden your capabilities with our intelligent Media Delivery Platform.


    • Increase the quality of your video and audio delivery to improve your audience viewing experience, making it the main driver of your business strategy.
    • Our intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP) covers every aspect of your workflow to make it happen.


    • Keep video games up and running for players and viewers across the world.
    • Our intelligent Media Delivery Platform makes any interactive experience unique while providing you with the right settings to keep your streaming under control.