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The number of online viewers nowadays has increased dramatically, and as a result, content owners are struggling with an overwhelming quantity of videos that require appropriate management. With our Media Manager you can upload, encode, manage and publish your content easily. It also increases your on demand capabilities with ultra-high-definition streaming. Moreover, it supports real-time live streaming making it easy to connect, control and scale your live broadcasts. The iMDP is an all-in-one, user-friendly platform that gives you complete control over the streaming process and the ability to reach your viewers anywhere, on any connected device, and in the fastest possible way.

All our products are accessible via REST APIs. You’ll have free access to our API Library, which allows you extend your streaming capability and control.

It's time to find out how to manage your videos easily!

Unlimited Users

You can create as many accounts as you need and give permission to as many people as you want, to upload, move, encode and stream content anywhere, anytime and from any device, through our Media Asset Manager (MAM).

Intuitive Content Management

With our control panel you can configure your library easily, set encoding profiles, manage live streaming events, define players, settle security properties, and get useful insights through analytics.

All-In-One Adaptive Player Technology

All-In-One Adaptive Player Technology Our powerful and dual video player technology, HTML 5 and Adobe Flash, enables you to stream your content on any connected device, delivering an exceptional viewing experience. Moreover, it can be integrated into your existing player or personalized and customized to fit your technology.

Social Sharing Options and Developer-friendly

Give your audience the opportunity to make your video viral with our integrated social share feature, while customizing it with our extensive developer-friendly tools that keep it simple and secure.

On Demand Video and Audio

Any Device

Video Player



API Integration

Generate revenue with SVOD, TVOD and PPV​

Manage All Your Digital Content in a Simple Way

Access all of your content from one place, ensure an efficient workflow management, easily monitor audience and content analytics, and customize aspects to personalize the viewing experience.

Fast Video Upload to Your Network

Manage all kinds of audio and video source and encode faster than ever before, in real-time and into any format you need, to keep your streaming safe and secure.

Build Your Brand Awareness

Align our player with your business’ identity by adding your colors, logo and many other attributes to build your brand awareness.

Define Your Monetization Business Model

We provide you with the best tools to help you grow and monetize your content and to enable the integration of different business models to your online services (SVOD, TVOD and AVOD).

Know Your Audience

Analyze your live and on demand content through your audience. Study what they want, deliver them what they need. Through our analytics you’ll be able collect the data and metrics you need to improve monetization.

Extend Your Capability with Our Rest APIs Integrations

You can utilize our Media Manager or integrate it with your platform or existing workflow by using APIs.

For further details download the datasheet