Media Manager

The number of online viewers nowadays has increased dramatically, and as a result, content owners are struggling with an overwhelming quantity of videos that require appropriate management. With our Media Manager you can upload, encode, manage and publish your content easily. It also increases your on demand capabilities with ultra-high-definition streaming. 

Moreover, it supports real-time live streaming making it easy to connect, control and scale your live broadcasts. The iMDP is an all-in-one, user-friendly platform that gives you complete control over the streaming process and the ability to reach your viewers anywhere, on any connected device, and in the fastest possible way.


It's time to find out how to manage your videos easily!


All-In-One Adaptive Player Technology

Intuitive Content Management

Social Sharing Options and Developer-friendly

Improve your video on demand capability


Deliver your Content Quickly

We enable you to accelerate your workflow process and to have the shortest publication time, keeping your audience engaged with your content.


Speed Up Service Integration

We provide a variety of APIs to create dynamic services that can be quickly integrated into our platform.



Our AI-powered Technology can reduce the complexity of the encoding task compared to traditional solutions, enabling you to achieve the highest quality at the lowest bitrates.


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