Edge Distribution

It is self-evident that computational capacity is essential in the streaming business. But it is also self-evident that the EDGE servers’ position is crucial. At MainStreaming, we follow two basic principles: EDGE servers deliver a higher quality of streaming when they are close to final viewers and positioned inside ISP networks.

Streaming capacity must scale out at the edge of the network, more than at the origination point, because millions of viewers may watch the same content simultaneously or at least similar content.

Therefore, the capacity should be close to them, not far from them. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) know where to deploy CDN Edge Cache capacity based on their network congestion patterns. MainStreaming works with Content Providers and ISPs to deploy the primary locations and the inter-cache connectivity pathways that will be used as resources when making routing decisions.

For these reasons MainStreaming Deep Edge Servers are located inside ISPs networks:

  • this creates a sort of “super-network” for broadcasters
  • reduces latency and offers an effective video streaming at scale
  • provides a solution that can easily be deployed in each ISP, as it is designed to mitigate backhauling bottlenecks

EDGE opens a full range of possibilities in delivering applications, to name few of them…

  • Encoding
  • Packaging
  • AD optimization
  • Gaming
  • Betting
  • Advanced media delivery
  • Tokenization
  • Watermarking
  • Manifest manipulation
  • Transcoding


Change your network

Managed Service

Remarkably effortlessly easy to operate for the broadcasters involved.

No-hassle for ISP

Interacts easily and exploit networks topography to deliver a broadcast-grade streaming.

Future proof

Computational capacity at deep EDGE opens a world of opportunities.

Tailor made

The size of your business can grow exponentially, while optimizing resource allocation efficiently.

Improve your video on demand capability


True deep
EDGE solution

Our servers are located close to the viewers, guaranteeing a higher quality of experience.


Born for
live streaming

Our hardware is optimized for live streaming at scale, with a unique server configuration knowledge.



You can choose the EDGE network solution that best suits your business size public, private, or hybrid.


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