Meta View Analytics

In order for streaming to be flawless, you need access to real-time data processing and analysis. This is possible only with precise information about the streaming traffic. Through our APIs, you can integrate additional analytics, that help you get useful insights on what is happening with the content you’re streaming and how users are interacting with it.


Discover how to act promptly with audience insights

Device and Geo Info

You can benefit from the info regarding the type of device used and its location to see where and how your audience is viewing your content.

Network Performance

This feature enables you to review in-depth CDN Analytics so that you can be aware of your viewers’ quality of experience.

Real-time Data

Our Meta View Analytics solution provides real-time streaming analytics so that you can take immediate action to prevent disruptions and interruptions.

Advanced Filters

Gather comprehensive datasets, including date, time, content, devices, operating systems, media types, browsers, countries, and ISPs.

Gain full visibility of the viewer's experience


Understand Your Audience Better

Gather important anonymous data insights on content usage and user engagement, to improve your viewer’s satisfaction and to ensure a higher video streaming quality.


Overcome Your Streaming Issues

Using various parameters, identify issues or affected viewer subgroups, gaining a clear understanding of streaming performance impacts.


Accurately Monitor
Your Costs

Our Meta View Analytics solution enables you to track bandwidth consumption and more streaming metrics so that you can better manage service costs.

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