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MainStreaming and KevlinX Embark on VDN Partnership

iMDP provides Belgian Media Hub with ultra-low latency streaming services.

MainStreaming, a leading intelligent media delivery company, has cemented its status as a lynchpin component of modern content delivery through its partnership with KevlinX, one of Europe’s most significant emerging market data centre service providers.

KevlinX will deploy a media ecosystem in its Brussels data centre campus to support broadcasters, media and e-gaming companies in their digital transformation process. Key to the success of this endeavor is the ability to provide ultra-low latency, highly reliable streaming services, and as such Mainstreaming are delighted that KevlinX have selected them as a partner in this project, based on their growing reputation within the field of content delivery and the specialist video focus of their technology.

Unlike many CDN offerings in the market which seek to operationalize outdated, legacy IT systems for content delivery, MainStreaming provides what it calls a ‘Video Delivery Network (VDN)’, which takes into account the fact that video delivery has a specific and unique set of data transfer requirements that make demands on a network which differ from that of other forms of data.

MainStreaming will be delivering a solution running on its intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP); a revolutionary, proprietary AI-powered technology which uses ‘Smart Synapses’. Built on a series of embedded, high density and low power delivery smart nodes that are located in strategic network positions, it facilitates real-time decisions based on a continuous flow of metrics relating to viewer QoS. This video-specific approach to the management of network pathways – using a hybrid configuration across global and private CDNs – enables KevlinX to provide network solutions  which will ultimately deliver an incredibly reliable, buffer-free video experience for end-users. This will be key to maintaining the reputational benefits and resultant customer retention that come from flawless content delivery.

In addition to the technological congruence offered by the partnership, environmental concerns were also a key concern for both parties. KevlinX maintains a 100% renewable energy policy in their datacenters and is a signatory to the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, meaning that it is vital for them to form with relationships with partners who contribute to these wider ecological aims. MainStreaming delivers on this through the optimized nature of the iMDP, which reduces energy use by up to 50% whilst significantly improving the speed, reliability, and Quality of Service that the end-user receives. Moreover, as part of their “Innovation Going Greener” project, MainStreaming aims to plant a ‘corporate forest’ that will compensate completely for the CO2 produced by MainStreaming’s technology by 2023, thereby off-setting its already much-reduced environmental footprint.

Antonio Corrado, Founder and CEO of MainStreaming, said of the partnership: “We have always been confident that our technological innovation in the field of Video Delivery Network provision makes us a strong choice for enterprises that need exceptional reliability and ultra-low latency in their network structures. But what we’re particularly happy to see is that companies like KevlinX share our environmental values and recognise how important this element of network provision is. We’re proud and excited to be working with KevlinX to push the boundaries of video distribution in a sustainable, responsible, environmentally-conscious way”.

Adding his viewpoint on the partnership, Barro Luitjes, CEO at KevlinX said: “At KevlinX, we are committed to building a dynamic market proposition for broadcast, media, and gaming industries, for whom ultra-fast, secure content delivery is critical. We are continuously acquiring new sites in emerging markets in Europe – of which our Brussels location is a perfect example – in order to develop and operate large scale data centre campuses which provide low latency access to the largest European markets. As such, we are excited to partner with MainStreaming, a world leader in ultra-low latency, environmentally sustainable VDN services”.


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