Intelligent Media Delivery Platform (iMDP)

Our iMDP is designed for video streaming distribution with sustainability in mind. It is a single integrated platform based on proprietary AI-Powered Technologies.

Its features optimize resources and maximize the Return on Investment, while providing full transparency and control over the streaming process.

Our iMDP manages the entire video streaming workflow, from the point of ingest to the delivery to viewers.

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Green Technology

Our iMDP is more efficient than traditional streaming technologies

as it reduces both rack space usage and power consumption by more than 50%.

Our iMDP

Based on Smart Synapses proprietary technologies – our intelligent Media Delivery Platform manages the entire media origination and distribution process. By adopting our platform, you can:

  • Overcome issues associated with live streaming at scale, while maintaining an extremely high video and audio quality with no delay or disruptions.
  • Integrate our platform with your existing infrastructure.
  • Have full visibility, control and governance over the entire workflow and distribution process.
  • Minimize energy consumption and management costs.

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