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MainStreaming is included in the list “Top Edge Computing Companies” to watch in 2024.

April 4, 2024: MainStreaming, a leading provider of Edge Video Delivery Company, has been included in STL Partners’s list of “Top Edge Computing Companies” to watch in 2024, highlighting those who are making waves in Edge Computing and have exciting developments coming in 2024.

MainStreaming takes pride in being announced as one of STL Partners’ 100 Edge Companies, among innovative and forward-thinking organizations shaping the future of technology, such as Microsoft, IBM, Supermicro, Vodafone, Verizon, Tata Communications, and more.

STL Partners is a global provider of actionable insights and practical guidance on emerging challenges and opportunities. Its recognition is a validation of our vision and the impact of our Edge Video Delivery Network solutions, delivering broadcast-grade on-demand and live video streaming at scale with high-quality viewing experiences to all of us in the rapidly evolving landscape of Edge Computing.

In this blog post, you can learn more about MainStreaming’s key proposition, position in the Edge ecosystem, notable achievements in 2023, and how it is transforming the streaming industry, providing an innovative Intelligent Media Delivery Platform to stream better, faster, and easier with advanced features. 

What are MainStreaming’s Edge Computing proposition and accomplishments:

Gartner forecasts that Edge Computing will reach a Peak of Inflated Expectations in the span of 2-5 years in its Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2023.  

We take pride in being at the forefront of rapid developments by being named as a Cool Vendor in Edge Computing by reputative Gartner and by being announced IABM 2023 BaM award winning first Carbon Neutral Certified Edge Video Delivery Company at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention).  

MainStreaming has been named as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in its authoritative Edge Computing report for providing innovative end-to-end Edge Video Delivery Network services to the leading OTT service providers and broadcasters. We are on a mission of delivering broadcast-grade on-demand and live video streaming at scale we all love watching and assuring high-quality viewing experience to millions of concurrent viewers by deploying Edge capacity closer to the final users.  

Our Edge Network services incorporate Edge Computing applications, such as watermarking, machine learning, and tokenization, to enhance viewer personalization and combat piracy through traffic analysis. We have been helping the leading European players stream the premium live events at scale with data security, real- time Analytics, anti-piracy, and with superior quality of experience to their audiences.  

 With the growth of streaming video and an ever-increasing richness of applications, the transition to Edge is inevitable for the functions to have lower latency, to support better Application Performance, and run time sensitive data at the Edge. 

Forrester cited MainStreaming as an Edge Relevant Player in its report for tackling the challenges in the streaming, broadcasting, and telcos industries by delivering exceptional video experiences with sustained video bitrate, ultra-low rebuffering rates and faster video startup, especially for live streaming at scale. Our technology gives back control over the video delivery process, ensuring reliability, guaranteeing Quality of Experience for end-users, elevating Quality of Service, and generating measurable financial and environmental returns.  

Research conducted by Omdia, Informa Tech shows that the media and entertainment industry will generate 1 trillion dollars (about $3,100 per person in the US) in revenue in 2024, with 70% coming from video. Given that the streaming media industry is responsible for 3-4% of the global carbon footprint, as indicated in the research paper “Streaming Media’s Environmental Impact”, we have contributed to achieving UN COP28 targets and Paris Agreement climate principles by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions to foster a greener world and more thoughtful use of environmental resources. 

We are declared as Carbon Neutral company by German Climate Partner for our threefold strategic practices: 

First, our innovative Edge Video Delivery Network has been developed from scratch with sustainability at its core.  

Second, MainStreaming’s contributions to UN SDGs offset projects, in addition to the development of sustainable video technology.  We offset 415,000 kg (about 914917.3 lb.) of our CO2 by supporting two projects: “Clean drinking water in Manica Sofala and Tete Mozambique” and “Wind energy in Northeast Brazil”.  

Third, MainStreaming is a founding member of the Greening of Streaming Initiative; we help bring the industry together to create joined up thinking around end-to-end energy efficiency in the technical supply chain.

Who are MainStreaming’s main customers (e.g., enterprises, telcos, systems integrators, software vendors, etc.)? 

We collaborate with customers like DAZN, Sky, Arqiva, Fastweb, Rai, Magenta and others. For example: DAZN Elevates Viewer Experience: Expanding DAZN Edge Platform in Partnership with MainStreaming. DAZN Edge is a game changing platform designed to enhance the viewer experience by optimizing content delivery. It reduces latency, improves video quality, and ensures uninterrupted streaming. DAZN introduced this new platform in 2021 to deliver the majority of DAZN content across its core European markets. MainStreaming designs, deploys, operates, and supports the DAZN Edge platform, and works with multiple ISPs (Internet Service Provider) throughout Europe to assure optimal Quality of Experience (QoE) for DAZN’s viewers.  In 2023 DAZN expanded its capacity, by deploying ever deeper Edge servers inside ISP (Internet Service Provider) networks to deliver the best possible service to growing regional audiences. This is coupled with MainStreaming’s latest Analytics release that provides even more granular data, giving DAZN full and real-time visibility of service performance.  

Our Video Edge KPI set offers cost-efficiency, reliability, scalability, flexibility, ease of use, and high performance. 

We are proud to help the leading European players stream premium live events at scale with superior quality of experience to their audiences, providing them data security, real- time Analytics, and anti-piracy.  

Our goal is to expand geographically and help more enterprises, right holders, broadcasters, OTT providers, content owners, and gaming companies stream their video content with high QoE for their audience. We also help them transition to online streaming from traditional cable TV, as digital consumers use video content increasingly, and this tendency will increase with the rise of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

How would MainStreaing encapsulate its value proposition to the industry in one sentence? 

We revolutionize the streaming experience, delivering broadcast-grade on-demand and live video streaming at scale via our Edge Video Delivery Network services, guaranteeing superior quality of viewing experience for end users with features such as data security, real-time analytics, and anti-piracy measures. 

MainStreaming describes its product(s)

MainStreaming is an Intelligent Media Delivery Company, supported by United Ventures, Indaco Ventures, and Sony Innovation Fund. It is writing a new story on how on-demand and live streaming videos should be delivered by transforming CDN services in the streaming industry. We have developed our proprietary innovative technology from the ground up, offered as a managed private Edge Network service, to help OTT service providers, content owners, rights holders, and broadcasters overcome the challenges of live streaming at scale.  

It has been developed upon 3 pillars: Smart Architecture, Intelligent Software, and Edge Distribution Network.  

By deploying dedicated infrastructure as close as possible to the end user, the technology is optimized for both live and on-demand and can run applications on the Edge. To deliver broadcast-grade QoE our platform pinpoints viewers’ locations and connects them to the optimal Edge through continuous analysis of the load of Edges and Networks. Our Intelligent Software design assures the quality of delivery through Real-Time Analytics, Smart Algorithms, and Big Data Analysis. Our Edge services and interconnected network within ISP premises are designed to be closer to end-users. 

Our Carbon Neutral Intelligent Media Delivery Platform integrates optimization capabilities, video streaming workflows, real-time monitoring and analytics, customizable solutions with the intent of delivering a seamless experience to millions of concurrent viewers. Our Intelligent Media Delivery Platform incorporates Edge Computing applications, such as watermarking, machine learning, and tokenization, to enhance viewer personalization and combat piracy through traffic analysis.  

MainStreaming’s innovative Intelligent Media Delivery Platform has been developed from scratch with sustainability at its core. We have adopted a novel approach by using a single-layer Edge caching architecture with a one-hop network, combined with the adoption of hardware selected for optimal performance, resulting in up to 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional CDN models. Not only does this improve energy efficiency, but by removing system layers, it also improves Viewer QoE. Our collaboration with Intel has ensured that MainStreaming’s latest server generation has reduced power consumption both at peak usage and when idle. 

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