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How Edge Computing is raising the bar for performance in Video Streaming

In the Media industry, Edge Computing is leading to more efficient and personalized delivery of video, at scale. It is a key enabler for transferring large TV audiences from satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV networks over to IP-based streaming networks and is expected to grow as broadcasters transition to streaming-first services, as retailers invest in video as a primary form of customer communication, and as immersive and interactive content formats grow.

Edge Computing in Media is not only for Video Delivery, but also for Media Services. Functions already operating at the Edge include content transcoding, content repackaging, content watermarking, and streaming monitoring. Services migrating to the Edge include advertising insertion, user interface rendering, and AI inference offloading.

Leading streamers are considering how to leverage Edge Computing to provide real-world testing environments for new product releases and to create more distributed and resilient environments for mission-critical services that can have large negative impacts on service availability if they fail.

Key topics covered during the live session:

  • Broadcasters approach towards Edge Computing, both in terms of Video Delivery but also Application Delivery
  • Specific functions that broadcasters see as most important for Edge Computing
  • Offloading delivery and processing functions from Cloud and Devices to the Edge
  • KPIs that Edge Computing helps improve


The industry experts: Bob Hannent from DAZN, Mark Ison from ITVX, and Pancrazio Auteri from MainStreaming to understand how Edge Computing is raising the bar for performance in video streaming.

Industry insights from streaming professionals were moderated by Julian Clover from Broadband TV News.

Find out how to leverage cutting-edge technology that helps you improve your KPIs.

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