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3 Things you need to Stream Live

Live streaming events allow you to reach larger audiences compared to in person events, but when streaming a live sports match, concert or other valuable content, you can have issues with the Quality of Service, which need to be addressed.

The following is a quick list of things you should check to optimize your live streaming experience:

  1. INTERNET – Internet is essential for streaming anything online. The minimum bandwidth required for live streaming is 0.5 Mbps but this streaming upload measurement doesn’t guarantee the quality of the service you’re providing. The standard definition bandwidth is 3 Mbps and from there it just goes up: 5 Mbps if you want to stream in high definition and 25 megabits per second if you want to stream in 4k.
  2. ENCODING – Fast encoding during a live event is essential. Whether you decide to use hardware or cloud encoding, you have to make sure your encoder supports the bit-rateyou want to output. Without the proper encoding device or system, your viewers will not have a high Quality of Experience.
  3. LATENCY – Latency must be at its lowest levels, so you have to always make sure the following three factors are balanced: encoding protocol and device compatibility, audience size and geographic distribution, Video resolution and complexity.

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