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MainStreaming cited as an emerging vendor in Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for CDN Services

San Francisco, CA – MainStreaming a leading Global Delivery Network announced it has been selected by 3-time Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, to deliver the team’s video content over multiple platforms including the major social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Engagement with our fans remains one of our many priorities and with the use of MainStreaming’s video delivery network we’re able to reach our fans and provide them high quality video streams,” said Ben Hunt, Director of Digital Media at the Denver Broncos. “We turned to MainStreaming to assist with transcoding video for our Broncos 365 app presented by Verizon and broadcasting the streams to social media channels.”

“We’re pleased to work with the Denver Broncos and to provide them a full-stack service of transcoding and delivery in order to provide the high-quality streams their fans deserve,” said Antonio Corrado, CEO of MainStreaming. “We understand that fan engagement for sports organizations is extremely important and thus, high quality streams must be paramount for this to happen. MainStreaming’s high-performing Video Delivery Network (VDN) provides this for the Broncos allowing their fans to view video content regardless of device type.”

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