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As Europe’s leading media and entertainment company, Sky is a name that is synonymous with top content, quality broadcasting, and high levels of choice.


We helped to secure competitive advantage for Sky


In line with changing consumer demand, and given Sky’s strong reputation in sports broadcast and news, it was vital that on-demand services could accommodate real-time streaming of live sports and entertainment shows to its increasingly large consumer base.


MainStreaming® Hybrid intelligent Media Delivery Platform.


To meet customers’ viewing experience expectation, integrating an intelligent delivery network to flawless stream video content in multi-CDN context.

Main Benefits

Prevent any congestion through a seamless API integration.
Provide a flexible model to support the transition toward a pure “Private VDN” approach.

Our solution at scale


Video streaming delivery

Sky Italia selected MainStreaming® to support the process of video streaming delivery to their entire user base; a user base that would be accessing the service from across multiple different networks.


Full governance

To guarantee full governance of a complex ecosystem such as that maintained by Sky, MainStreaming has implemented its Hybrid intelligent Media Delivery Network (IMDP), with private delivery nodes working in synergy with the MainStreaming Global intelligent Media Delivery Network.


Smart Synapses

AI-powered Smart Synapses are the core of the platform, which guarantees full control of the streaming process whilst offering the best Quality of Experience to the viewer.


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