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For Hardware configuration, we support a wide variety of RTMP encoders: Certified Encoders list. Follow the directions on your encoder to get it linked to the internet and then follow the steps below:

    • After selecting video and continuing with the creation of a Live video stream, you will be directed to the details page
    • In the details page of your live video stream, In the Live Sources section, click
    • A pop up will appear and then you must click in the lower left corner
      • Another pop up will appear requiring you to put in the title of your custom source and after adding it, click
      • Your new source will be added to the list of Live Sources available to choose from. Click the live source you added to the list and it will then be linked to your stream.
      • You will then see the added live source listed in the Live Sources section and in order to get the RTMP URL you will need to click the
      • After that a box will open and you’ll be able to use the URL linked to it, as seen below, to connect your encoder and the MainStreaming platform to stream live
Resolution Video Bit Rate
Low Resolution 480×270 400 kbps
Medium Resolution 640×360 800-1200 kbps
High Resolution 960×540 900-1500 kbps
HD Video Resolution 1280×720 1200-1800 kbps
Full HD Video Resolution 1920×1080 1800-2500 kbps
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