Home Resources News MainStreaming mentioned in Forrester’s report titled “Product Security At The Four Edges” written by Principal Analysts Michele Pelino and Sandy Carielli 

MainStreaming mentioned in Forrester’s report titled “Product Security At The Four Edges” written by Principal Analysts Michele Pelino and Sandy Carielli 

MainStreaming®, the intelligent media delivery company, today announced it has been mentioned in Forrester’s 2023 “Product Security At The Four Edges”, after being interviewed for “The Future of Edge Computing” and mentioned in “Demystifying the Fragmented Edge”, Forrester 2022 reports. 

Forrester defines Edge Computing as “a family of technologies that distribute application data and services where they can best optimize outcomes in a growing set of locations and connected assets.”  The above-mentioned reports by Forrester describe Edge Computing domains and where it is expected to grow next.  Streaming video is included among engagement edge scenarios. 

MainStreaming® releases paper: “Edge Computing – The Rise of the Video Edge” 

In the Media industry, Edge Computing is leading to more efficient and personalized delivery of video, at scale.  Edge Computing is a key enabler for transferring large TV audiences from satellite, cable and terrestrial TV networks over to IP-based streaming networks.  Video is already the internet’s largest traffic-type by volume and bandwidth usage.  It is expected to grow as broadcasters transition to streaming-first services, as retailers invest in video as a primary form of customer communication, and as immersive and interactive content formats grow. 

Edge Computing in Media is not only for Video Delivery, but also for Media Services. To make Media Services faster, better, and cheaper there is an opportunity to leverage the growing footprint of Edge computing platforms that are expanding in Media primarily to support more streaming video delivery.  The Cloud created a new elastic infrastructure that replaced fixed server infrastructure.  But the Edge enables a hyper-distributed elastic infrastructure that is closer to the consumer for lower latency performance. 

MainStreaming is enabling Media Service functions at the Edge by opening up >300 existing APIs and working with customers to migrate priority functions for near-term results.  MainStreaming’s latest paper, Edge Computing – The Rise of the Video Edge, describes what Edge Computing means for the Media industry and provides a clear picture of which functions are at the Edge already and which are making their move to the Edge. 

The move to the Edge involves a migration of software functions that drive Media Services. Functions already operating at the Edge include content transcoding, content repackaging, content watermarking, and streaming monitoring.  Services migrating to the Edge include advertising insertion, user interface rendering, and AI inference offloading.  Leading Streamers are considering how to leverage Edge Computing to provide real-world testing environments for new product releases and to create more distributed and resilient environments for mission-critical services that can have large negative impacts on service availability if they fail (e.g., log-in and authentication services). 

 “MainStreaming developed Video Edge Network with the specific purpose of delivering live streaming at scale with high QoE. As we look to the future of video streaming, we know the Edge will be a critical enabler of our customers’ service innovation, performance quality, and cost efficiency,” states Antonio G. Corrado, CEO of MainStreaming. “We know how to distribute software and video processing to Edge environments quickly and automatically and we are adding more functions at the Edge to make Video Delivery more efficient and resilient.”

About MainStreaming®

MainStreaming® is an intelligent media delivery company that empowers enterprises, media, and gaming companies to ensure the best Quality of Experience to their audience, providing scalability and full control over the video distribution process. MainStreaming solution improves network efficiency, delivers exceptional reliability, enhances Quality of Service, and provides a tangible financial and environmental ROI.

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