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Meet MainStreaming at the anticipated upcoming EMEA events

Milan, Italy- November 11, 2023: 
MainStreaming, a leading provider of Edge Video Delivery Network services, brings you the latest updates on their upcoming events where their video delivery and service experts will be in action next month.
MainStreaming is not just keeping you up-to-date; they are excited to offer you the chance to connect with them in person. 

Get ready to meet and engage with MainStreaming team of experts at the following exciting events across EMEA: 

Next TV Series Europe:

Delve into the miriad ways broadcasters, pay TV, telcos, and OTT companies can harness their potential. Innovation and transformation in the media industry.

  • What does the future hold for public broadcasters in Europe?
  • Understanding the technology trends shaping pay TV?
  • The growing market of connected TV
  • Sustainability: the path to being green in the broadcasting and video streaming industry
  • The success behind fast channels
  • Super-aggregation: a one-stop-shop in the pay TV landscape


Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as MainStreaming’s Strategy and Business Development Director, Paul Martin, steps into the spotlight to engage in a panel discussion titled “The Future of European Broadcasters” on the 6th–7th of November.

Don’t miss this chance to explore cutting-edge media and entertainment realms and connect with their video technology and service experts Leo Ripley and Marco Inzaghi at the event.

HD Forum:

MainSteaming will be attending HD Forum Italia which will take place in Fiera Milano Rho. It is an association created to promote, support and spread the use of audiovisual and multimedia content, High Definition and Ultra HD products and technologies, 3D and other advanced audiovisual solutions.

Meet the MainStreaming team of video content delivery experts in Edge Network Services at the event. If you are on-site, talk to Alessandro Frasca, Luca Scrivano, Marco Inzaghi, Marco Sibilia, and Philippe Tripodi. 

HBBTV Symposium:

Meet MainStreaming’s high-level industry executives and experts on a unique platform to discuss all relevant topics in the HbbTV universe. 

The annual key summit of the connected TV industry targets platform operators, broadcasters, advertisers and adtechs, standards organisations, and technology companies.

The conference programme features first-hand insights by top-level executives and experts on new products and services, best practice examples and experiences and the latest developments and trends in the connected TV industry.

MainStreaming’s delegate, consisting of 4 members will take part in the event. 
Dan Racioppa, MainStreaming’s Sales Director, will be a speaker in a round table covering the topic: “HbbTV enabling new distribution methods and services (e.g. FAST Channels, DVB-I, Gaming, Next-Gen Streaming)“.

Join MainStreaming for a cinematic experience in Naples! Their team of video technology and service virtuosos will be in the spotlight, sharing their secrets to a pixel-perfect performance. Alessandro Frasca, Dan Racioppa, Marco Sibilia, and Philippe Tripodi will be rolling out the red carpet to bring you the very best in video excellence. 

SportsPRO Media:

SportsPro Madrid – where you can connect, learn and engage with the future of sports media.

The OTT Summit has established itself as one of the core events in the sports broadcasting calendar. OTT’s role has evolved to integrate into a wider sports media and broadcast transformation. 

MainStreaming’s Chief Revenue Officer, Miguel Serrano, will be showcasing an in-depth case study in his speech titled “Enhancing the live and on-demand viewing experience”, offering an exclusive look into real-world success in Madrid.

Make the most of this exciting opportunity to meet face-to-face with their video delivery and service professionals: Jorge Oteo, Leo Ripley, and Miguel Serrano and discuss how MainStreaming’s  IABM BaM award-winning Carbon Neutral Intelligent Media Delivery Platform can skyrocket your sports streaming to new heights. 

They can’t wait to connect with you at these events and dive into how MainStreaming’s Edge Video Delivery Network services can take your video streaming needs to the next level. 

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