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Green Streaming: How OTT Services Can Help Save the Planet

Milan, Italy – October 13, 2023:
OTT services are becoming a predominant form of media consumption and as the demand for streaming continues to experience an exponential growth, technology and sustainability should go hand in hand to improve the delivery chain’s energy efficiency.

According to Laura Marks, professor at Grant State University and co-author of the paper “Streaming Media’s Environmental Impact”, the fast-growing streaming industry lies on a massive infrastructure of data centers, networks, and devices, including computers, phones, and smart-TVs, making streaming media responsible for 3-4% of the global carbon footprint.
The research found an hour of streaming emits the equivalent of about 55 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, based on a user in Europe.

MainStreaming, a leading provider of on-demand and live video streaming at scale via its proprietary AI-powered Edge Video Delivery Network, takes responsibility for its environmental impact. The company’s energy-efficient single-integrated solution shows that it is possible to provide high-quality digital services while also prioritizing sustainability.

MainStreaming went through the four-stage process: calculated its carbon footprint, reduced emissions, offset emissions, and communicated transparently. In addition to developing sustainable video delivery technology from scratch, MainStreaming contributes to the international climate change mitigation targets by championing sustainability through its investment in UN SDGs offset projects.
MainStreaming’s recognition as the first Carbon Neutral Company is its contribution to a better greener world for all.

The Paris Agreement of 2015 and political commitments are only one part of it – such as the
1.5 °C pledge or binding reduction targets for 196 countries. Embracing sustainable strategies, coupled with its focus on providing efficient and reliable Edge CDN Services, drive positive environmental change within the industry. Winning this award wouldn’t only recognize its efforts but also further empower the company to catalyze a transformative shift towards a more environmentally friendly media landscape.

MainStreaming streams a sustainable future, today.
Stream for a better world with MainStreaming!

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