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Navigating the Changing Streaming Landscape: Arqiva’s Partnership with MainStreaming.  

Arqiva‘s Executive Director for Broadcast and Media, Gaurav Jandwani, recently discussed the company’s strategic partnership with MainStreaming, a leading provider of Edge video delivery networks.

Drawing from his extensive experience with BT, Alcatel Lucent, Vodafone, Disney, and Telia, Jandwani shared insightful perspectives on the future of the streaming industry, as well as how he envisions the future for Arqiva in partnership with MainStreaming and how their collaboration can bring value to content owners and broadcasters.

In his interview with Andy Waltenspiel, Jandwani provided expert analysis on the OTT streaming landscape, noting that broadcasters are increasingly looking for ways to adapt to the changing media landscape and transition from traditional satellite TV to online TV. Having worked at a broadcaster, a TV distribution platform, a streaming service, and now at a broadcast technology company, he offered valuable insights into the trends and challenges facing the industry, the advantages of hybrid CDNs and the importance of services like content distribution, anti-piracy, and cybersecurity. He underlined the fact that 70-80% of video consumption is taking place on the large TV screen.

Furthermore, he elaborated on Arqiva’s strategic alliance with MainStreaming, and how their innovative Edge video delivery network effectively facilitated the seamless management of important broadcasting scenarios, such as a sudden influx of concurrent viewers during live events.

He also highlighted their new Hybrid CDN solution, a private-public cloud CDN offering in partnership with MainStreaming, which offers the best solution for streamers facing risks to their businesses such as a lack of CDN cost predictability. This hybrid solution is a private Edge network with your own slices, available at a fixed price, which allows you to trade up or down effectively in the event of unused capacity. This not only offers a more efficient CDN experience, but also helps optimize costs and load balancing. Additionally, this solution represents a significant opportunity for broadcasters making the IP transition.

Arqiva is currently collaborating with MainStreaming under the name “Arqedge” to conduct a proof-of-concept with major UK streamers, which involves bringing the hybrid private-public CDN offering to the market.

Jandwani expressed his excitement about this partnership, noting that it resolves strategic pain points for their customers.

Overall, Arqiva’s partnership with MainStreaming is poised to help the company adapt to the rapidly evolving media landscape and deliver cutting-edge video delivery services to customers.

Listen to this interview for further details.

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