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MainStreaming wins IABM BaM Awards for providing sustainable video delivery technology

Milan, Italy – September 29, 2023: 
MainStreaming, the leading Edge Video Delivery service provider, announced winning The International Trade Association for Broadcast and Technology (IABM) BaM Awards trophy during the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) announcement in Amsterdam.

MainStreaming’s certified first Carbon Neutral Intelligent Media Delivery Platform in the video delivery industry has been identified as the leading product and service in the Publish category by the IABM judging panel among other CDN providers.
It manifests MainStreaming’s perseverance in fostering a greener world, caring for the planet by reducing their carbon emissions, and developing and providing you with eco-friendly video delivery tech services.

MainStreaming’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) centers around delivering broadcast-grade scalable live video streaming, unlike traditional CDNs. It offers ultra-low latency, real-time analytics, customization, easy integration, high QoS and ROI to broadcasters, OTT providers, content owners, and media & entertainment industry while ensuring superior QoE for end users.
Their pricing models are based on capacity or consumption, providing tailored solutions for customer needs.

MainStreaming’s threefold strategic practices are a testament to its commitment to sustainability:

1. Its proprietary Edge Video Delivery Network has been developed from the ground up with sustainability at its core.

First, MainStreaming has adopted a new approach: a single layer Edge caching architecture with a one-hop network. This architecture, combined with the use of hardware chosen for optimal performance, leads to a reduction of up to 50% in energy consumption compared to traditional CDN models. Not only does MainStreaming strive for power efficiency, but it also delivers broadcast-grade video experience.

Second, the company’s platform has the ability to pinpoint the viewers’ locations and connect them to the optimal Edge through a continuous analysis of the load of Edges and Networks.

Third, its Intelligent Software design ensures quality of the delivery through Real-Time Analytics, Smart Algorithms, and Big Data Analysis.

Fourth, its Edge services and interconnected network within ISP premises are designed to be closer to the end users.

Fifth, its collaboration with Intel has ensured that MainStreaming’s latest server generation has reduced power consumption, both at peak usage and when idle.

2. MainStreaming’s sustainable contributions to UN SDGs offset projects, in addition to the development sustainable of video technology, have led to MainSteaming’s declaration as the first Carbon Neutral Certified Intelligent Media Delivery Company by German Climate Partner. The company offsets 415,000 kg of their Co2 by supporting 2 projects: “Clean drinking water in Manica Sofala and Tete Mozambique” and “Wind energy in Northeast Brazil”.

3. MainStreaming is a founding member of the Greening of Streaming Initiative, supporting sustainability efforts across the streaming industry. GoS brings the industry together to help create joined up thinking around end-to-end energy efficiency in the technical supply chain underpinning streaming services. It provides better real-world data to understand energy use relating to streaming, to engineer better, and share best practice through the industry community.

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