Live video at scale

Let’s start by saying that there is one thing on which all the media experts agree: streaming will ultimately replace all other existing technology in content distribution.

This is going to happen for two reasons:

  • the flexibility streaming offers opens up a full fledge of new opportunities and commercial possibilities.
  • the finite frequency resource used for broadcasting is valuable for arguably more important uses, like mobile connectivity and security.

MainStreaming was born to deliver broadcast-grade live streaming at scale.

Every word is very important in this short sentence:

  • Deliver: we are focused on building and operating what is traditionally known as CDN, or Content Delivery Network.
  • Broadcast-grade: “content is king” is a notorious quote in the industry, and while distribution cannot be “king kong”; it has to be done correctly, with a monitored and satisfactory QoE.
  • Live streaming: this is our core business; we support some of the most challenging and successful live-streaming companies.
  • At scale: we serve millions of concurrent viewers for large-scale operations.

Disruptive CDN


Built not to cache content, but to deliver live streaming. Layers are reduced, and the focus is on video delivery.


Tailored to the system and supported by several patents, to make sure every single bit and byte is streamlined and delivered correctly.

Edge Distribution Network

Provided as public, private, or hybrid options, hardware is located as close as possible to the end user, within ISP premises to make at-scale live streaming possible, but also to ensure future developments.


Why choose us?


Streaming quality is one of the key points to win viewers.


A lean network structure means lower power consumption. Our solution is green and sustainable.

At Scale

Born to serve large audiences and to scale up our customers' business according to their needs.

Ultra Low

Achieved by building our networks as close as possible to the final viewers.

Key to success


Proven and solid

Our solution is solid and proven by some of the industry's top players, that successfully deliver live sports events to millions of fans across different territories.


Always state of the art

A managed solution, simple but effective, that gets rid of streaming risks and that is consistently updated with industry standards.


Future proof

Our EDGE network was born to manage the most bandwidth eager application: live video.


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