Smart Synapses Private Network

Our proprietary network and technology allow you to have a true One-Hop delivery as it is one of the largest peered networks in the world, consisting of 4300+ interconnections with ISPs.

It enhances our streaming capabilities and directly lowers latency. These features make our platform the perfect solution for live and on demand video streaming.


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Designed for Video Distribution

Our global connections, consisting of 1-hop technology and specifically designed for video delivery, guarantee high quality of service and low latency.

Internet Exchange Point

We distribute videos to viewers anywhere in the world in real-time. We guarantee the perfect streaming stability, bandwidth and scalability.


Our Smart Synapses are strategically distributed around the world and directly linked to telecommunication carriers, to ensure a stable connection and real-time delivery.

Video Network Design

Our network excels in video distribution, ensuring top Quality of Experience, hosted at global traffic points with ISP connections.

Deliver Your Online Video With Our Specialized Network


Highest Throughput and Quality of Experience


Balancing Service


No-Cache and
Real-Time Delivery


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