The Media Manager’s has in-depth statistics will help you visualize and optimize the performance of your video and audio content across all of your On Demand and Live streams. Customize filters, review activity over the lifetime of the property and analyze views, bandwidth, and device type all in one area. This section is dedicated to displaying the performance of your On Demand and live video and audio streams and is separated into three tabs:
  • Summary
  • Audience
  • Traffic
Across these 3 sections you will see that Views are a major part of how statistics for VOD, AOD and Live streaming are tracked and they are essential in knowing how content is working across your property. Views on our platform are defined accordingly:
  • VOD & AOD:
    • 1 view = 1 playthrough
  • Live Streaming:
    • 1 View = 1 playthrough
  • DVR:
    • 1 view = 1 Playthrough
TIP: Only in Live Streaming: If the final user presses play on your live stream and then presses pause and after presses play again, this can count as 2 views.
Tips: Statistics can be changed from to by clicking on the dropdown in the top right side and choosing the time period you want.
There you can get an overview of your content data at a glance and see how your content is performing separately or as a whole. Geolocation Map A map highlighting each country of where content has been accessed in the world and how many views it has gotten:
  • Views (Live, VOD, AOD)
  • Pie chart representing how many views your content types are getting in relation to the total views of your property
  • Devices Used to view content
  • Pie chart representing how your audience views your content by device type
Your summary dashboard is set to show: Bandwidth Used This shows how much bandwidth has been used and how much is still available under your monthly contract.
Tips: If you reach the full amount of bandwidth that was agreed upon in your contract, your content will till continue streaming.
  • Total Views
    • This shows the total amount of On Demand and Live views your property has received.
  • On Demand Views
    • This is the total amount of views your on demand content received.
  • Live Views
    • This is the total amount of views your live streams and events received.
Views (time period) Views your content has gotten over the month, year or custom time period, including both on demand and live media.
  • Most Viewed Content
  • Content measured by impressions (views), amount of view share per video and if connected, how long users watch each piece of content.
    • Content Title
      • Impressions
      • Share (%)
      • View Time (%)
Tip: Content can be listed from highest to lowest in each category by clicking on the category label
Storage Used
  • How many of your video and audio files are currently stored throughout our network.
Tip: Statistics can be changed from to by clicking on the dropdown in the top right side and choosing the time period you want The audience tab gives you real insights that you’ll need to understand and grow your audience. Analyze traffic by geographical locations to better understand where your content gains attention from and utilize Filters, like device or browser, that allow you to shape your content around your audience.
  • Your Audience dashboard contains:
    • Filters
      • View data by content title, device, operating system, country and browser. Read more in our filter walkthrough.
    • Views
      • In-depth tab showing views over time periods allowing you to analyze you broadcasts further. See walkthrough for more.
    • Geolocation Map
      • Where your content is viewed in the world: Country.
    • Impressions
      • How many views your content has as a total by data request.
    • Device
      • Type of device used to access content.
    • Operating System
      • Operating system used to access content.
    • Browser
      • Browser used to play content.
    • VOD Video
      • Content that has been streamed On Demand.
    • Live Video
      • All Content that has been aired Live
  • The traffic tab provides you a complete view of the traffic your property is generating. Navigate this section and its filters to find your traffic peaks and the media that is generating them.
  • Your Traffic dashboard contains:
    • Select Period
      • Time Period you’d like to view data of your content:
        • Monthly
        • Yearly
        • Today
        • Yesterday
        • Custom range
    • Filters
      • View data by content title & country. Read more in our filter walkthrough
    • Traffic
      • In-depth tab showing views over time periods allowing you to analyze you broadcasts further. See walkthrough for more
    • Geolocation Map
      • Where your content is viewed in the world: Country
    • Total Bandwidth
      • View total bandwidth used in a time period, by content and country
    • Media Type
      • Type streaming your data is currently showing
        • VOD
        • AOD
        • LIVE
    • Most Viewed
      • Content listed by Title, media type and bandwidth used
        • Content Title
        • Media Type
        • Bandwidth Used
To view your views closer over time, “scroll” your mouse up (more granular) or down (less granular) and click and drag the timeline left or right.
    • Views time can be seen in increments listed below:
      • Weekly
      • 2-day
      • Daily
      • 12-hour
      • 6-hour
      • 2-hour
      • Hourly
      • Half-hour
      • 10-minute
      • 5-minute
      • 2-minute
      • 1-minute
      • 30 second
      • 10 second
      • 5 second
      • 2 second
      • 1 second
Filters can be used on the Audience and Traffic overview tabs to view content data by:
    • Title (Available on Audience & Traffic)
      • All content listed by title. Search or scroll and click each piece of your content you would like to view data on.
    • Device (Available on Audience Tab)
      • View data on devices that users can access your data on
        • Operative System (Available on Audience)
          • Data on any operating system running user’s devices viewing your content
            • Country (Available on Audience & Traffic)
              • Any country where your content was viewed
          • Browser (Available on Audience)
            • Any browser your content was viewed from
To analyze your views in depth across your contents activity time, click on the “Views” box and click either to view specific times of views & bandwidth usage or click on the time period under the top data line to have the overall view for that time range. (Examples below)
    • Lasso View (specific data points across all activity time
To use the lasso selection feature, you will need to click on and then click on the top data points and drag your mouse across every data point you would like to analyze closer. You can do this as many times as you need to get all of the data points you want.
while analyzing a specific time period, the other boxes except for “Storage Used” & “Bandwidth Used” will also update to represent the time period you’re evaluating.
  • When either viewing data points with the lasso or by time period, a selection point will be created in the upper left corner and your data will reflect this selected period. (Example below)
This selection period, once clicked on, will open up a drop-down box containing all data points in the timeline you’ve selected (Example below)
    • Here, you can scroll and add more data points to be viewed on your summary, audience and traffic pages or take off data points to focus in on specific data more precisely
  • Undo, Redo, Cancel:
    • If the original data view point is edited, you can undo that edit by clicking and to redo that edit, click
    • To return to the original overview, you can click or click the x in the data point (example below)

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