Media Manager Introduction

MainStreaming’s Media Manager provides you with the full solution for live and on demand UHD, low latency, global video and audio delivery. Host, manage and stream your content over MainStreaming’s next generation delivery network with a seamless workflow and countless enterprise level functionalities.

A single powerful tool for your business.

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Properties can be used to segment your Media Manager accounts into different organizational units. You can learn how to navigate and manage your properties in a few clicks.
A breakdown of media hosting and delivery, plus shortcuts to commonly used features like Customizable skins, Advanced Statistics, our API library, and settings.

The library section contains all on demand videos, playlists, folders, and live streams within your account, all organized to allow quick and easy navigation.

The Video Detail section includes basic tools needed to manage, publish and share your videos, plus advanced tools like re-encode and progressive download.
Manage your live streaming in a simple workflow: create the event, access to embed code, add a live chat for your audience or preview your stream.
A “Playlist” is a selected list of video or audio files that can be played back on a media player sequentially or in a “simulated live” loop configuration.

In this section you can generate an iframe to select your contents or use our JavaScript library to embed and share your video directly on your website.

The Media Manager in-depth statistics will help you visualize and optimize the performance of your content across all of your On Demand and Live streams.

Manage your account, subscription and billing preferences from the account panel. Every information about your account is included under this section.

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