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Designed for Right owners or broadcaster, building their D2C infrastructure. Broadcast-grade and at scale


Serving millions of customer simultaneously with video live contents, while optimizing unnecessary network traffic

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Born digital with their needs to serve properly the customers with video streaming while growing their businesses

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How to select the best solution for live video streaming while lowering the risks,
and how to make it profitable while controlling QoE

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Streamlined to optimize all resources while ensuring a high quality of service and a reduced power consumption


To ensure quality of the delivery, through Smart algorithms, Big Data Analysis and a continuous monitoring of QoE and Network conditions

Edge Distribution

Our EDGE Services and our interconnected network, within ISP premises, are designed to be closer to the end users

Latest Publications

How Edge Computing is raising the bar for performance in Video Streaming

March 20, 2024:
Edge Computing in Media is not only for Video Delivery, but also for Media Services. Functions already operating at the Edge include content transcoding, content repackaging, content watermarking, and streaming monitoring. Services migrating to the Edge include advertising insertion, user interface rendering, and AI inference offloading.

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Edge Computing – The Rise of The Video Edge

March 6, 2024:
Today, Edge Computing is leading to more efficient and personalized delivery of video, at scale. It is a key enabler for transferring large TV audiences from satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV networks to IP-based streaming networks.

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