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There are currently 10 terms in this directory beginning with the letter V.
Vertical Video Ads
A video created to be seen in portrait mode, with a ratio that is taller than wider. Commonly seen on mobile devices.
Video ad serving template (VAST)
Framework released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau that standardizes the communication requirements between ad servers and video players.
Video Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio of an image/video is proportional to the relationship between its width and height. There are different ratios in which a video can viewed. The two main ones are widescreen (16:9 for high definition) and standard (4:3 standard definition).
Video Codec
A video codec is the encoded video format within the streaming protocol. Common video codecs include: H.264, H.265, and HEVC.
Video Level Data
Video analytics based on available metadata, used to better target the final audience as well as to help the users look for specific content.
Video multiple ad playlist (VMAP)
VMAP is an IAB standard XML template that used by video content owners and ad networks to program multiple ad insertions from a single tag.
Video On Demand (VOD)
Video content that can be accessed on mutiple devices and platforms and is selected by a viewer after its official release date or original air date and time.
Video player-ad interface definition (VPAID)
An IAB protocol between the ad and the video player that enables ad interactivity and other advanced video advertising functionality, meeting the needs of emerging in-stream formats.
Virtual MVPD (vMVPD)
A digital service that gives access to on-demand and live content delivered over the internet and does not have traditional network infrastructure.
VOD Addressable
Addressable ad placed within theVOD content and available via a cable provider set top box.