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An HTTP cache control directive similar to max-age, but applied only to shared caches.
Software as a service (SaaS), is a program that gives users the ability to share files on a shared platform.
Sample Rate
Often measured in hertz (Hz), this is the number of times per second audio is measured (sampled) and encoded at. CD's are mastered at 41000 Hz per second.
Segment Duration
A customizable duration (indicated in seconds) of TS segments. The larger the segment duration, the more delayed a stream will be front live. Most HLS streams use a 1-4 second segment duration.
Server-side ad insertion (SSAI)
The process of stitching video content and video ads together on the server side level, happening on the backend before it appears to the customer.
A user-defined set of rules and behavior for a website or application. You can the web interface to create, edit, and delete your services.
The header sent by a server in response to an HTTP request and then used to create a cookie on a user's origin.
Short Description
A searchable field for a short description of content within Media Manager.
Short-Form Video
Video content that has a duration of less than 8 minutes.
Often referred to within player creation, a skin" is a template for use when creating a player."
Smart TV
Part of the Connected TV family. It's a television with Internet access and interactive features which allows users to stream music and videos.
Soft Purge
A type of purging that allows users to easily mark content as outdated. In this way, the content is not deleted from the caches.
A MainStreaming designation for where a customer should push a live stream to. A source often contains a URL, path, stream ID, and key.
MainStreaming status indicator. Options include uploading, queued, encoding, and ready.
Infrastructure that enables audio and video data to be delivered to a device from a remote source. This transfer can be live or on-demand.
Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD)
A streaming service that gives users access to a catalogue of on-demand content in exchange for a fee.
Synthetic response
Custom responses generated within the CDN that users can set if a specific URL is requested or a specific condition, such as a status code, is met. These responses require no origin server interaction.