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Access Control List (ACL), is a list of permissions that can be attached to an object allowing customers to quickly check a client's IP against a list of known net blocks and then make decisions based on the result.
Adaptive Bitrate (ABR)
An adaptive bitrate file (or stream) is created from a single source file (or stream), creating a dynamic playback experience allowing quality to drop if bandwidth is not available to playback the original source file. An ABR stream usually contains multiple renditions.
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS)
Performance management technique to stream video content to connected devices, adjusting the video quality according to network conditions, video buffer status, CPU usage and available bandwidth to ensure the best quality of experience.
Application Program Interface (API), is the way computers and applications communicate with each other.
An application is a program or a set of programs designed to perform a determined function on different platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile).
Audio Codec
An audio codec is the encoded audio format within the streaming protocol. Common audio codecs include: AAC, AAC+, and MP3.
Automated Content Recognition (ACR)
Identification technology that recognizes content played on a device and matches it back to a database for verification.
Autoplay Video
An option enabling a video or audio file, or live stream to play automatically without action from a user.
Autoplay Video Ad
A video ad that plays automatically by itself or within an active stream.