Technology Platform

The modern technology of today's Internet
guarantees high scalability for the future

MainStreaming is a service that integrates the entire elaboration process and its management with video distribution, guaranteeing a high-quality performance all over the world.

Quality, Performance, User Experience

MainStreaming is based on a technological infrastructure and on a global networking intended exclusively to distribute videos, highly specialized in the parameters required to guarantee maximum results in terms of:


Quality is guaranteed by a cutting-edge encoding system that is complete and well-performing.
Extreme performances are reached thanks to a Video CDN specialized in the personalized distribution all over the world and capable of managing peaks of traffic typical of big live events.
User experience is possible thanks to the APIs that allow the most complete integration and flexibility in the composition of the result for the final user.

A specific online video architecture

MainStreaming consists of a number of HyperNodes distributed on the territory, that cooperates on the broadcasting of big and complex contents.


Optimise the process of video distribution on the various nodes on the net, overtaking the traditional CDN model for static contents, and overtaking the caching: a specific video technology, in order to distribute them safely, smartly and guaranteeing Content Security and geographical business continuity.

MainStreaming's technology is protected by an international patent.
Proprietary Technology (Patent Pending)

  • Intelligent Distribution Algorithm
  • Highest and Strongest Content Security Level
  • Geographical Business Continuity

A new innovative and specific CDN for video streaming

MainStreaming's architecture is designed to offer the best combination of performances and a structure with optimized costs.

MainStreaming uses its own CDN Video technology to distribute videos, providing its clients with a complete video cloud platform in order to manage on demand and live streaming. MainStreaming manages all the steps of the production process, from video uploading to video distribution.