How to improve the quality of service of your streaming

Online content, applications and services have pervaded all aspects of life and this has disrupted the lifestyle and habits of the consumers.
Consumers watch videos online and download films and music that were once provided on traditional media devices. This has resulted is a radical shift in content viewing.
In this “new normal” scenario, broadcasters have to provide a greater video quality and faster download speed to meet the customers’ needs.


To provide a 100% premium quality service, infrastructure deployment growth according to Clients’ plans, moving away from the “per volume” model.


Full Private Video CDN deployment, with POPs installed in the ISPs according to the location of viewers.


  • Full governance over the delivery process
  • High Quality of Experience of the viewers
  • Significant call center complaints reduction
  • Delivery costs control
  1. Broadcast
  2. Live Streaming
  3. OTT
  4. Gaming
  5. eSport
  6. Live event

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  1. Analytics
  2. Broadcast
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  4. Enterprise
  5. eSport
  6. Gaming
  7. Live Event
  8. Live Streaming
  9. Multimedia Content Delivery
  10. On-Demand
  11. OTT
  12. Quality of Experience
  13. Quality of Service
  14. Radio

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