Professional Services

Our expert engineers in the field of
online video distribution

MainStreaming offers professional consulting services. A service that’s useful in guaranteeing maximum performance of our Media Delivery service.

Technology specialists for online video distribution

Our engineers assist clients who adhere to the Media Delivery offer to support them during setup and distribution of Media Delivery services. Our team of specialists is composed of constantly updated professionals able to produce any kind of integration and software compatible with the newest advanced technologies. A continuous activity of research and experimentation adds to the daily know how of MainStreaming’s team.

Support and monitoring for Enterprise clients

We offer support and monitoring services for our clients by offering a monthly cannon that guarantees MainStreaming’s internal resource specialized in Media Delivery service. Our expert engineers in the field of performance and safety, work in close contact with clients to rapidly monitor and implement eventual changes optimizing the service to the point of guaranteeing maximum performance in distribution and planning eventual participation for future needs.

Enterprise Support 24/7

Our Enterprise support plan is ideal for businesses of medium to large sizes in which activities depend on MainStreaming’s Media Delivery service in a strategic and crucial way. Client assistance represents a fundamental element of our philosophy. Our team supplies competence and high technical value support in assuring perfect efficiency of online businesses with unlimited technical support, 24 hours, 7 days a week nonstop. You can have access to our support line by telephone, via MainStreaming’s reserved area and by direct access through the Slack channel.