CDN Real Time

Modern technology for today’s Internet
to ensure high scalability for the future

MainStreaming is based on a technological infrastructure and global ownership network designed exclusively for distributing real-time video.

Technological Architecture

MainStreaming is an operator that can provide a distribution service of online video in real time thanks to our technology (Patent Pending) called
“High Availability Distribution of Streaming Media.” HyperNodes are centralized systems that integrate hardware, software, and networking: they are strategically distributed in the world and directly linked to thousands of telecommunication carriers in order to ensure a stable connection and delivery of content in real time to users connected to the Internet.

Modern Network Design

Our service network was designed to leverage the modern infrastructure of today’s Internet and guarantee a future with high scalability. We are globally present as we are located in the most important hubs of global traffic and are directly connected to an
Internet Exchange Point (IXP)
to distribute video streams to web users anywhere in the world in milliseconds. This let’s us guarantee perfect transmission stability, bandwidth, scalability, and network redundancy.

Video Delivery Network

Our distribution software and algorithms are thought and optimized exclusively to maximize performance and quality of video transmission. For each user who requests (plays) a video, MainStreaming is able to decide in real time the best path in directing each video fragment, choosing continuously the most efficient, fastest and least congested way to go about it in that precise moment.
This translates in:

  • Optimal video start time (Startup Time)
  • Higher quality videos (bit rate)
  • Extremely short waiting times (No rebuffering)