Media Delivery

Quality, Performance and
User Experience

High quality and performance of video distribution for a global audience geared towards big broadcasters and media companies. MainStreaming is a Global Video Delivery Network created to distribute streaming videos in an intelligent and sustainable way on a global level.

CDN Real Time

Rapidly distributing videos is essential in guarateeing a high quality experience to connected users on any device in any place. Our media delivery service is based on an infrastructure technology and a global ownership network conceived exclusively for distributing videos in real time. It is a flexible service and adapts easily to the needs of any business. Clients have a variety of API services available to them with which it’s possible to create dynamic services to speed up integration with our service.

Professional Services

Our team is composed of technology specialists in the distribution of online video. Our engineers assist clients with support during setup and supply of media delivery services. Our professional services guarantee a rapid response time, high quality technological consulting, personalized training and assistance from experts. Customer support represents a key element of our philosophy, and for this reason we provide a support and monitoring service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.