Online Media & Publishing

Online video is becoming a virtuous circle of excellence
engaging audiences and creating sustainable businesses

Publishers are always looking for a new business model and today they can finally say that they have found it: videos have been renewing the turnover of online media, magazines, and publishers all over the world. Big and small publishers now have the opportunity to attract an audience with engaging video content and quality, sharing stories and developing interest. User loyalty pays off generously with monetization models of video advertising. One only has to think back to the latest data: according to SpotX research , only in Europe, video advertising programming is a sector that will be worth 2 million euros before 2020.


Content producers, such as newspapers, magazines, and musical producers are discovering enormous opportunities offered by the web to quality content. The main goal is to have the user live an engaging and innovative experience: with online video, publishers have found the media able to transform content into authentic sustainability carriers, community loyalty, and gain. Why?

The value of videos for publishers

1.8 million words: this is how much a minute of online video is worth, according to James McQuivey. Communicating with online video publishers are revived: videos are thinner, multi-formatted and multi-deviced, they’re short and spectacular, requesting for a higher dose of concentration, stimulating interest and involvement and allowing higher gain.

The most evident benefits of a video strategy for the publisher:

  • It captures the attention of the public and has higher conversion rates
  • The video is attractive, engaging, and moving-in other words, it generates interest
  • It calls for margins which create business models sustainable for publishers: one out of many, video advertising (which works better than other forms of advertising)
  • The audience is willing to pay for high quality content: a live event or a video lesson course can be sold in pay-per-view (with the ROI Cleeng calculator one can have an idea)
  • It improves indexing (Video SEO): search engines favor videos and contents with a good user experience
  • The video is liquid and multi-devices, adaptable to any device, but especially perfect for the cellphone: smartphones and tablets
  • It circulates and spreads on social media, stimulating sharing and overseeing social media presence

The return on investment for editors and online video publishers

We are all editors: storytellers that compete to know how to value contents of quality and offer unforgettable experiences to users. So, that videos can function effectively, we need to plan a strategic publishing video and to choose a platform that’s thin, flexible, and fast.

The MainStreaming video cloud platform is the complete solution for managing and distributing video content and it sets itself apart for its innovative technology of video delivery, for the intuitive and versatile interface and its avant-guard tools.

To say it with the words of who has tried: storytelling, technology and online video can salve publishers and newspapers.

Web Agency

The companies and teams that deal with developing Internet sites and web solutions have an increasing and always more urgent need of service for online video. Nowadays, web agency clients ask for complete packages for websites (often with CMS) and video online services and live streaming. The need for an online video service has increased from clients who turn to web agency.

In this way, the web agency can become a reseller and partner of MainStreaming to offer interested clients a number of offers and packages for the development of web projects, websites and designs, that include a platform for

Live and Video On Demand.

Not only: always more frequently, the video is used as a web design element, especially with the platform and the technology used-just like in the case of MainStreaming-are mobile-friendly, and create a transcoding for optimization according to the device and to the connection of the single visitor, and allow a privileged positioning of the Video SEO.

Live Events

It’s obvious and known that live streaming is the king of online videos: an event in live streaming is increasingly more popular, success and social sharing. Live streaming is growing even more in more elevated rhythms, with a real boom in 2016. For live events one has even a bigger possibility to earn: video advertising makes more but especially users are willing to pay for pay-per-view. The Cleeng selling service has created a tool to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) of a live event.

It’s necessary to choose a live streaming service that’s safe, reliable, and of high quality. There are numerous live instruments on the Internet that don’t have a sufficient powerful technology. Often one chooses a video platform without an adequate basic knowledge but only based on the price. The result? Professionals penalize their events creating live streaming and broadcasting in low quality, with numerous interruptions that often crash, even only with a few hundred connected users. That’s why it’s better to be wary of simple and economic tools and to choose a professional service. Live streaming is a crucial moment and has to be treated with the best platform and the most advanced technology. MainStreaming uses a revolutionary technology that calls for the highest trouble-free performance. This is what MainStreaming can do for events in live streaming.

Major business possibilities

As Marten Blankensteijn said: "Nobody wants to pay for news but many want to pay for great journalism"
Contrary to what one believes, the use of information and news is more intense nowadays compared to 10 years ago, as shown by a study of PWC. The difference is that news and newspapers are no longer the main source of information.
One needs to know how to bet on videos able to move and engage you right from the start, without exaggerating the length, because the web is a tool of fast consumption and thin consumption. For this reason, short form videos are now being created as content for entertainment videos, news and infotainment, privileged tools of storytelling and video reviews. A study of Deloitte on short form videos is particularly enlightening. The format is a winner especially on social networks: It admirably shows success cases like Tasty and Buzzfeed..