Corporate Video

Using online video to get results internally in the company improving
performance and brand reputation

An accurate strategy of online video brings noticeable advantages in corporate communications. Corporate videos let you optimize processes, team building dynamics, and communication within the company. It can inspire and motivate, and be measured with precision through the metrics of video analytics.

Brand storytelling and corporate communication

Companies are dedicating more attention to the production and distribution of videos. Corporate videos are an effective means of communication to express complex messages with urgency and to involve its target of use with new channels of interaction. Also, it let’s you control and measure the results of internal communication strategies.

Videos for an efficient business communication

Corporate Videos are a versatile tool: communication ranges from (one to many) such as the how-to, from the promotional to the instructional. With Corporate videos, you can communicate with your corporate network, with a network of agents, of sales marketers and promoters: all you need is a video pill to inform, train, and motivate. Video conferencing in the end responds to the needs guided by outsourcing, with a simultaneously reliable and effective communication.

What Obama’s videos teach us

Corporate videos are ideal in sharing a corporate vision, and increasing trust and reliability in the company. Using videos increases the productivity of employees and of business partners, because brand storytelling gets you more involved, is more attractive and makes products and services more clear and accessible. A video strategy from which entrepreneurs can learn from is that of Obama’s, analyzed by TechCrunch.

ROI of corporate videos with MainStreaming

MainStreaming is a Video Cloud Platform that lets companies optimize internal and external communicative processes, giving value to team building, its own value proposition and brand reputation.
Using MainStreaming’s corporate videos has many tangible benefits, a true return on investment (ROI). Here are some of them: