General Information regarding Cookies

Cookies Disclosure pursuant to Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003
Cookies are short text files (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to record information on the user’s internet browser that will be reutilised while the user is on the internet site (session cookies) or subsequently, including after several days (persistent cookies). In accordance with the user’s preferences, the cookies are stored by the individual browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, or smartphone).
The cookies do not record the user’s personal data and any identifying data are not stored. If the user wishes to disable the use of cookies, he/she must personalise the navigation browser settings. The user may set the browser to remove cookies or to notify the user when cookies are stored on the computer. To continue without changing the cookies’ storage rules, the user need only continue navigating. Cookies are differentiated based on their duration: session cookies are temporary and are automatically eliminated from the device when the navigation session is completed by closing the browser, whilst persistent cookies are stored on the device until they expire or are eliminated by the user.
Cookies have different uses. Firstly, they are used to transmit electronic communications or to provide the service requested by the user. Specifically, they activate and optimise the functioning of the website, conduct electronic authentications and prevent abuse, monitor sessions, improve the user’s navigation experience, for example, by maintaining access to restricted areas during navigation through site pages without requiring the user-id and password to be re-entered, and store specific information regarding the user (including preferences, and type of browser and computer used).
These cookies are called “technical” (the user’s consent is not required for their use), as without them some of the aforementioned actions could not be completed or they would be more complex and/or less secure. On the other hand, if cookies are used for other purposes, typically for analysing behaviour and sending personalised advertising-promotional messages (“profiling” cookies), or merely to obtain, through services rendered by third parties, aggregate information on the number of users and how they navigate the site (“analytics” cookies), the user’s consent must be obtained. In accordance with governing regulations (Privacy Code and General Measure of the Guarantor of 8 May 2014), before sending these cookies to the device, when the user opens the home page or a page within the website, a banner is immediately displayed in the foreground with a brief summary of the use of cookies and the obtainment of consent, which the user may provide by continuing with navigation and selecting an element under the banner or by closing the banner.
In any case, cookies can be read or modified only by the website that generated them. They cannot be used to retrieve any data from the user’s device and they cannot transmit electronic viruses.

Use of Cookies in this Website

This site may use technical cookies (both session and persistent) and profiling cookies.
Technical Cookies
Technical cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of MainStreaming and to provide the services offered. They are primarily used to manage the user interface (e.g., to record the preferences chosen by the user such as language, currency, page view format, and connection area), in order to improve the usability of the site and its audio-visual content (e.g., through the execution of programmes such as Flash Player), and for the proper functioning of the connection (e.g., by channelling the user’s requests most appropriately to multiple servers).
Profiling Cookies
MainStreaming will use its profiling cookies, or cookies that collect data on the user experience and the use of its content by said users, in order to create profiles of consumption habits, send marketing communications, and personalise navigation pages, consistent with the profiles and interests of various users.
Third Party Cookies
This site also allows cookies from third parties, with which MainStreaming collaborates, to be sent to the user’s device. As a technical intermediary, MainStreaming only sends these cookies and does not manage them (it does not have control and access to the information provided/acquired), as their activities are the responsibility of third parties. For these cookies, it is possible to view the disclosure and the consent forms from the third parties by clinking on the links listed below. The third parties are:
a) social media, which typically manages cookies to allow, through plug-ins, the sharing of content between members that are logged in to a social network. These parties are:
a. Linkedin (
b. Facebook (
c. Twitter (
d. Google+ (
b) parties whose services are used by MainStreaming to collect aggregate information/statistics on users that visit the site. Specifically, MainStreaming uses the Google Analytics service ( provided by Google, Inc.

Data Handling Methods

Data handling is carried out through information systems and electronic equipment by internal personnel who are specifically designated. The data is stored in electronic archives and with full assurance of the minimum security measures envisaged by the legislature.

Rights of Individuals Concerned

The individuals to which the personal data refers have the right, at any time, to obtain confirmation on the existence or absence of said data, as well as to understand its content and origin, verify its accuracy or request that it be supplemented, updated, or corrected, in accordance with Art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. Pursuant to the aforementioned article, individuals have the right to request the removal, transformation into anonymous form, or the blocking of data handled unlawfully, and may oppose, for legitimate reasons, the handling of data, by writing to MainStreaming S.p.A, Viale Sarca 336/f – 20126 Milan.

Data Owner, Manager, and Processors

The Data Owner is MainStreaming S.p.A., with headquarters in Viale Sarca 336/F, 20126 Milan. For more information on privacy, refer to our Privacy Policy. As Data Owner, Mainstreaming reserves the right to change or amend, at any time, this policy and other policies published on the site, in particular as a result of the implementation of new sector regulations. Any changes will be effective from the data of publication on the site.