Kapsel Production

How to brand and promote using
a video portfolio and live stream production

Kapsel Production is an important studio focused on video production and photography. Founded in 1988 as a focal point in marketing and advertising, they have worked with brands such as Mercedes, McDonald’s, Heineken, Coca Cola, Citroën, Lavazza, Sky TV e Nutella.

Advertising production live streaming

To respond to requests of their International clients, Kapsel Production decided to use MainStreaming’s platfrom to broadcast their advertising productions live. By Utilizing MainStreaming’s live streaming tools, Kapsel has been able to satisfy their client’s requests in real-time by allowing them the ability to view what is going on from anywhere in the world. This has also given them the ability to protect and reserve access to their ADV productions which has optimized client response, satisfaction and increased revenue.

Creating a Video Portfolio

Kapsel Production also used a video hosting service and video content management to set up an exciting and stylish video portfolio to show it’s demo-reels with. MainStreaming’s dynamic video tool and API services enable us to create a working portfolio, synchronized and automatic, in which everything is managed by a panel.

ROI - Return On Investment

Kapsel Productions benefits and advantages from using MainStreaming: